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Happy New Year!
December, 27, 2018

I wouldn't say that 2018 was an easy year for me personally and for my country but I am happy to be here with you guys. I hope we shall manage to provide all our clients, local and overseas with even better and bigger services. Hope for peace and stability! Stay optimistic-best times are still to come!

Happy New Year!

Denis Didushok


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Visiting Company's vessels
December, 13, 2018

It is not only a duty of any professional crewing manager but also a pleasure for him to visit the vessel of the company and talk to the seafarers about... well, about everything, actually!

Dearest crew of Sider jasmine-you are indeed the best. I appreciated every minute of my visit. Thank you for your hospitality!

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New Employee and do we love her?
August, 28, 2018

Friends, Neighbours and everybody!
It's my pleasure to introduce Larisa, our new Lady, a professional crew manager and a lovely person! Welcome, Larisa!

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